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School Comparison & Commentary

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Hi everyone, I have admission offers for two schools in North Carolina (Wingate & Campbell). I wanted to get feedback from people on this forum who are familiar with the schools, whether directly or indirectly. I like both schools for different reasons, and have some concerns at the same time.  


Pros: Up to date facilities w/ attached med school, cadaver lab, friendly faculty, student body seemed genuine that they enjoyed their experiences so far.

Cons: Location is rural (i.e. have to travel for decent housing/quality of life etc.), proximity to the Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill triangle leaves me wondering whether there will be significant competition with other schools in the area for quality clinical rotations (not elaborated upon during interview).

Tuition: $13,225/semester (24 months)


Pros: Urban/suburban location (quality of life etc.), proximity to Charlotte with no closer schools implies that rotation placement in the area is strong.

Cons: We didn't get to see the entirety of the facility (ex. procedure labs, OSCE setups etc.), mixed reaction from faculty (some were friendly & others not so much), info passed along that some rotations are "of-need" meaning we may have to schedule them on our own (not including electives).

Tuition: $11,600/trimester (27 months total)


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