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Should I retake Organic Chem II if earned bad grade?

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I just finished my semester and I ended up getting a C in Organic Chemistry II and I am so worried PA school will see that and not think I'm fit to be accepted. I've never gotten a C in my life so this is kind of hard. I took Organic Chem I a year ago and earned an A- in the class and this semester, I earned an A in Organic Chem II lab, but a C in the lecture. All my other grades this semester were an A.  My GPA after this semester with the C is still a 3.91 which I understand is good, I just am not sure how they fill about C's on a transcript. Should I retake the class and try to earn a better grade so I can prove to PA school I'm capable of handling a heavy course load? I was taking 18 credit hours this semester, and working 2 jobs during the semester so I feel if I had more time to study and practice organic, I could earn a better grade.

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3 minutes ago, UGoLong said:

How far do you have to go in school and what are your overall gpa and science gpa?

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I'm a senior, I only have my spring semester left. My overall gpa is a 3.910 and my gpa for my required prerequisites is a 4.0. Organic chem isn't a prereq for the schools in my state.

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