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retaking courses

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I’ve asked for help on how to improve my app since I have a low GPA and many people have told me to retake classes or take other higher level science courses. But I was just on reddit and saw a link that says CASPA doesn’t average the classes together, so it will hurt me more than help me. I’m confused, can someone please clarify for me? 

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CASPA uses all credits/grades to calculate your GPA. This is compared to a your university that will "replace" a course with the higher grade. If you took anatomy, got a C and retook it and got an A, your university will calculate the A into your GPA. CASPA will calculate the C and the A into your GPA. This is where some will say the two grades get "averaged" together by CASPA. 

It never hurts your application to retake courses unless you get a low grade. It also never hurts to take other high level science courses. But the goal should always be to get an A in any courses because that will maximize your ability to bring up your GPA. The more total credit hours you have, the harder it is to bring up the GPA.

The links below may help you.



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