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  1. I received the "application is now complete" email back in June. I haven't heard anything from them since. Does this mean I'm likely rejected? Should I reach out for a follow-up?
  2. I submitted my CASPA app, but I have not submitted the supplemental application yet. How do I know if my CASPA app was verified? I only got this. Greetings from Pacific University! We have received your CASPA application for Pacific University’s School of Physician Assistant Studies in Hillsboro, OR. We are excited to see that you are applying! We encourage you to review our website: www.pacificu.edu/pa. On there you will find information about our curriculum, videos of campus and ways you can learn more. I am happy to directly answer your questions at any time via email. Whil
  3. @FloridaFuturePA Her email is: MSpence@barry.edu I got an email saying that they haven't received my GRE scores yet, but I sent Michelle a screenshot of the score report order and she said that she will contact the processing department to locate my scores.
  4. @prepa012797 @Sabrina1997 Congrats on getting an interview guys! Was the interview format similar to previous interviews?
  5. I submitted 6/19, verified 6/25, received that email today
  6. They accepted mine, yes! I emailed Wilma Mealer about it. Here is her email: wilma.mealer@utrgv.edu @hsaad192
  7. Anyone attending the info session tomorrow morning know if we would be on video? Just wondering so I know if I should dress up or not
  8. I signed up for it! It says it'll be from 10AM-11AM EDT.
  9. Is it bad that I'm taking the CASPer test on the last day?
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