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Reapplicants, how was your essay different than your first?

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I’m applying to PA school for a second time next year. I want to start working on my essay soon so I can get that out of the way. I read my essay from the first time and I think that could’ve been why I didn’t get any interviews, it was just very vague and didn’t focus a lot on why I really wanted to be a PA. Question is, people who applied more than once, how did you write your essay differently? 

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When I reapplied this cycle, I scrapped my first essay and started from scratch. The new statement opened with a simple, recent story, then went back to when I first met a PA and the steps I've taken since then. Like yours, my first essay was vague and lacked focus on why PA *specifically* (everything I first wrote could have applied to any other health job). This time, I focused on PA above everything else. My first essay was also really dramatic, whereas this time I kept everything quite simple and genuine. 

I didn't have a single life-changing event either - I just wrote about about a few stories that confirmed I was on the right track. I also let my stories stand instead of trying to cram my entire resume into my narrative, which definitely helped the focus! 

I'd really recommend reading as many personal statement as you can. PA statements were the most helpful for me, but med school essays were useful as well. It helps to identify what you do and don't like about other statements - just be extra careful not to plagiarize! 🙂 I'd be happy to take a look at a new draft if you'd like! 

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