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New Grad In Alaska?

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I'm a PA student who recently did a rural rotation in Alaska in a small village.  After doing the rotation, I've found it to be very intriguing.  I could definitely see myself working out here for a few years to make a difference, experience a new way of life, and do some damage on my student loans.  However, seeing the responsibilities of some of the village providers in these villages, I know that they can be asked to do basically anything, which is a little intimidating seeing myself as a new grad here in a few months.  I'm wondering if anybody has any experience working for a native cooperation right out of school.  Have you had any sort of on-boarding process that helped you feel comfortable before being put out in the boonies on your own?  Also, does anybody know what sort of loan repayment is available?


I would appreciate any and all feedback that anyone may have.  THANKS!

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