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Salary for New Grads in Gyn Oncology

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I recently graduated from PA school and am currently applying for a job in Houston, TX in gyn oncology. I tried looking at the AAPA salary report, but it does not specifically mention this subspecialty. What is a reasonable salary request for a new grad who does not have prior work experience in this specialty, given the standard of living in Houston?

Thank you for any help you can lend!

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Check AAPA for heme/onc.  Gyn onc is often it's own department but technically falls under the oncology specialty.

If this is MD Anderson they are such a big employer that they often have a pretty set pay matrix (I've seen the range 90-130...which means as a new grad you're around the 90 mark probably).  You may not have a ton of wiggle room for negotiating but I'd expect at least 90k with standard bennies/PTO/etc

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