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You are never in the clear!

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Lenzkes was lucky. He'd kept good notes and was cleared. But, he said, "it changed my practice of medicine." From now on, he's referring patients like that one to pain specialists. "I'm not taking any more. That's just how I feel."

I thought this quote was quite telling.  I've not had this happen to me (I'm not in CA) and none of my patients have overdosed (or at least none that I am aware of), but I am currently in the process of trying to get away from controlled substances entirely - even considering a change from FM to specialty.  I inherited so many chronic controlled substance from providers who retired (not within our clinic) within the last year that about 2 months ago I stopped accepting controlled substance patients.  I'll take them on as their PCP, but they have to get someone else to prescribe their meds.  There are many things I don't like about my job, but there are only two things that I HATE = insurance companies and chronic controlled substances.


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