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Hi all,

I'm heading towards the end of my commitment with the Navy and I had a question about our contracts. I did HSCP and in my contract it says my required time in service is 3 years AD, starting after graduation from PA school. My PRD would be a few months after this date as that is when I reported to my command. So when submitting my resignation letter thru NSIPS, do I request the time in service date or my PRD for resignation? I am waiting to hear back from my detailer about this. And the admin at my command has no idea. Just wondering as I was very mildly considering a fellowship that would start right around that time, so it makes a difference. Thanks!

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If you signed for the yearly bonus, it stipulates a year contract, so you leave from that time. So my AD time started from graduation in Dec, but I signed a contract every year for the incentive bonus or whatever, which I signed when I arrived at my command in FEB. So the earliest I could leave was FEB. FYI, you’re release orders will say depart NLT the last day of the month. Don’t let ANYONE tell you offficers always get out on the first. Also ASSUME your command will keep you until the last day they can. Mine completely screwed me.

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