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Using GRE from 2013!!?!

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Hey All! 

So I took the GRE in 2013, VR:148 QR:145 writing: 2.5...trust me I know they are low, especially writing i clearly did not put forth an effort with that one smh! In the time since then I got a second bachelors in Spanish, re-took prerequisites that expired (I graduated 2007 from undergrad and 2010 from grad school) increased my health care and patient contact hours. I scheduled to take the GRE to apply for the 2018/19 cycle this Month but life events prevented that and I cancelled. I would have easily rescheduled but I’m going out of the country for further education and don’t have adequate time before then. At this point I’m wondering if I should use my 2013 score at all for some schools or just stick to the ones that don’t require the GRE...thoughts?! 

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