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So my GPA is very average (probably will end up somewhere between 3.3-3.5), I have gotten 3 Cs from two calculus courses and one science. However, my GPA for prerequisites from my first choice school look pretty good:

Biology/lab - A

Anatomy/lab - A

Physiology/lab - A

Microbiology/lab - A

Chem I and II - B, labs - A

Organic Chem I and II - A, labs - A

Biochemistry - A

Statistics - B

Medical Terminology - A


So basically, I'm wondering if my GPA is concerning for PA schools due to those Cs and if this will be a problem when I'm applying? or will my prerequisite GPA help even that out? (Also still need to take GRE and I'm working on my PCE) I also have upper level bios including cancer bio, immunology, mitochondrial medicine and a very busy schedule with studying abroad twice, work, clubs, and leadership roles.

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Guest Coolforcats13

as far as I can tell, the overall average accepted PA student has a 3.5 Cumulative GPA - it varies by region a bit though, so as long as you are willing to go anywhere you should be able to get in within a few cycles. I am a 3.51 CGPA and I have gotten 2 interviews so far. I know I might not get in this cycle, but I will just keep banking PCE hours, Shadowing, and more classes for next year. 

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