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New Grad Offer in PM&R, need advice!

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Since my last offer was total garbage, here is a much more attractive one, though not without issues as well. This is their first contract for a PA so I don’t think they are well versed in what should be included, so I’m preparing a detailed response email with questions and clarification, along with requested additions.


Location: Southwest US

Specialty: PM&R, 35 hours per week, PPD based on my comfort level, no expectations set during first year. 

Salary: $110,000/yr, additional bonus structure negotiated at 1 year review based on prior years production (motivation to increase my own PPD)

Non Compete: 3 years, 5 miles from practice (there’s basically none within 5 miles anyways)

Vacation: 1 week after 1st year, 2 weeks after 2nd year. (Definitely big point of emphasis in email, owner said she is really flexible with time off but I know if it’s not in the contract it’s not enforceable). 

CME/professional licenses: Not included in contract, requesting addition. Told initially the practice covers the expenses to reach CME requirements and professional licensing.

Liability Insurance: Asking for clarification, only states I’m covered under the practice’s policy.


So, as you can tell there is a lot I’m asking for verification on, but on the outset it seems pretty decent if the other pieces are reasonable. How would you recommend wording a request to negotiate the vacation PTO specifically? I think everything else will work itself out easily enough.




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Somewhere in the AAPA salary report lists average sign on/relo/and I *think* PTO/vacation...I'd start there.  You'll at least have evidence to back up why more is standard.

I'd get a firm number on CME money and time off.  "until you reach CME requirements" could mean them expecting you do all free/cheap things and never cover a conference of any kind.

Retirement?  Health insurance?  This offer could fall apart fast depending on how they respond.

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  • Non Compete: PM&R specific or PA gigs entirely? I live in a large metropolitan area, 5 miles could be devastating
  • Vacation: Absolute deal breaker to not have PTO available starting from the jump
    • I'd counter two weeks, available after a 90 day probation period. 1 week vacation (after a year of work!) for a board certified PA is rubbish
  • CME/Professional licenses: get it in writing. All licensing fees, a minimum of 3 days for conference time and an established budget. Industry standard is $1,500-2k
  • Malpractice: get it in writing as well as proof you were added to the coverage. 
    • Inquire about tail coverage


Otherwise doesn't seem like a bad offer once the above is ironed out



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