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  1. I was getting $68.99 in Tacoma/Olympia with bonus over $30 ppd.
  2. PA Salaries in and around Austin suck in general. Another one I interviewed for that was closer to home was $62 and hour but very difficult to get bonus and bonus was based on whole clinic productivity. I have spoken with a few of the PAs who work here and they average 70-80 an hour after the bonus at the busier clinic, 65-70 at the slower one. Not perfect but until something better comes around, I'm kinda stuck as my wife isn't interested in moving anytime soon. the other benefit is we clock in and out, the UC in WA that I worked at paid per shift for full timers, so if you ended up staying 2 hours late due to high patient volume, you got paid the same as if you leave on time. Here you get paid from clock in to clock out regardless of FT, PT or PRN.
  3. Awesome. The one I’m working at is actually outside of Ft. Hood and the med director is one of the docs I worked with in the Army...interview was basically “so when can you start.” Its $60 an hour base but the bonus structure is based on coding...up to $5 per patient so hourly can be very good when busy. Or, it can be like yesterday...8 patients in 9 hours, and I think All but one met bonus per coding. They do pay overtime but corporate poo poos on them if we get over 40...full time is 36 hours, mostly done in 4 x 9s.
  4. Is this in the Houston area ? It seems most salaries around Houston are alot higher than the rest of the state. Its around $60~65 an hour in the Austin area, of course Austin is saturated.
  5. Primary care for the military....federal position or contractor, pretty much the same job. Some clinics you will see family mebers though. If your seeing only military, 70% of your patient population is young healthy males. Military cannot sue the government so you would have to do something grossly incompetent to get in trouble.
  6. Other than primary care provider, patients almost never have to make that choice....at least for now and the forseeable future, PAs cannot perform surgery autonomously and even in the non surgical specialties there are alot of things that PAs dont do...e.g. if I ever need a cath Id prefer a cardiologist over a PA or NP...unless that PA was trained by a cardiologist and the PA had a few years of supervised experience themselves...sorry cards PAs. Remember, something like 70% of PAs ARE NOT primary care. I think its more a choice for employers than patients...why hire a PA instead of an NP or MD. If you walk into an Urgent care you see the provider who is working, the choice is who does the UC hire ? ERs vary widely in how they use APPs so I wont go into that much. In the backwards ass state of KY they hire NPs or MDs because PAs STILL cannot prescribe controlled substances..the only state in the union. We obviously need better practice laws across the board and I do think that the Assistant part of our name is hurting us nationally and locally in many places. Since we are trained in the medical model based on a fast track physician training program from WWII and the majority or PAs work in specialties...I dont see us separating from physicians anytime soon. I think the idea that some folks are advocating for that we are as different from physicians as NPs is a little short sighted and unrealistic.
  7. I think you may be reading into it too much...Im sure by care they are referring to level, quality and/or standard of care...are you as good as an average doc in your specialty ?
  8. At the UC I worked prn for in WA, our scheduler would pay me for charting at home, though usually this averaged 15-30 minutes per shift. i got this for being hourly, full timers were salaried and paid per shift so they tried not to. 15 patients per day sounds fantastic... I have seen many primary care positions expecting you to see 25-30 ppd, so you are likely 1. Inefficient with the EMR, 2. over charting, 3. Spending too much time with the patients. h&p for most standard primary care patients should be 5-10 minutes...your MA/lpn/scribe should have most of the history done for you before you walk in the room if they are good/well trained....whcih leaves you 10 minutes for your plan and 10 minutes to chart....total 30 minutes per patient X 15 ppd = 7.5 hours. There will always be complicated patients who take longer but they should be the exception not the norm unless your in internal med or at the VA. 1-2 complaints per patient other than med refills. If time allows because of and easy complaint that take a minute or 2, then 3 complaints tops.
  9. I agree as well, based on that I see VERY few reasons to be on chronic opiods or benzos and feel the risk of addiction as well as side effects...most patients do not hesitate to drive after taking them (I’m good, I’ve been taking this for years and I know how it affects me) outweigh any potential benefit to the patient. If their case is so outside of the norm then they need to be seen by a specialist. I see these as short term use medications. If I wanted to push pills for quick fixes I would have been a drug rep...
  10. For everyon poo pooing on me...or simply disagreeing with my choice not to prescribe narcotics for chronic pain...I urge you all to remember that we are supposed to be lifetime learners. I direct you to barbellmedic.com. Dr. Baraki has compiled much of the emerging literature on pain science. Quite frankly if the patient is not willing to undergo pain management options Including pain psychology, then wht the F should I prescribe narcotics. I did not get into medicine to become a pill pusher of any sort and as a society I feel that is what Americans have come to expect... quick fix gimee a pill or a procedure so I dont have to put any effort into my own well being. And dont get me started on resiliance with our safe spaces. Oh, and I will gladly sign sick notes or FMLA...its not my paycheck.
  11. At the end of my course I got a certificate for 10 AMA CAT I CME... As a side note I was audited by NCCPA this year, my second cycle so I would not claim CAT I without a certificate. So far all of my CME has been CAT I and I have made sure to have Certificates of training to back it up. Of course my audit took all of 5 minutes as the US Army Flight Surgeon Course was good for 150 hours of CAT I CME
  12. No on emotional support animals...I've seen too many untrained ones piss/shit/bite where they shouldn't. No narcotics for chronic pain, they all go to pain management. I will not initiate stimulant treatment for adult ADHD without prior diagnosis from psychiatrist or psychologist, and I will request psych testing of some sort first if its an adult who has never been diagnosed as a child (MMPI , etc.). No benzos for anxiety. I will refill Klonopin if the patient is already maxed out on SSRI/SNRI. No stimulants for ADHD for someone who has a diagnosis of anxiety and is already taking benzos...pick one or the other...I dont care if a psychiatrist initiated treatment, he can follow up on it too.
  13. Sounds like a good way to get not a damn thing done...
  14. I generally get all of my 2 years worth of CME from uptodate every month or so...not sure if thats good or bad...
  15. I didn't answer the poll because theres no choice for BAD MUTHA F^@%3R...
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