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  1. Thanks, SAS. you make me feel like a young man...I joined in 1996 and just retired this year
  2. From what I hear the Air Force is similar to the Navy in this respect, however with the upcoming changes/DHA taking over all military medicine, I think that there are going to be alot of changes for all services...some of my colleagues who are still in are already seeing this.
  3. Be careful of what branch...this is NOT true in the Army. I only saw active duty during my 4.5 years in the Army until I volunteered for extra shifts in family med clinic a few months before I retired.
  4. I think loyalsource has contract positions doing just that.
  5. Are you in a state where NPs have autonomy and PAs do not, or is this only institution rules ?
  6. Yeah thats why we are in the burbs north or Austin. Family not interested in moving right now unfortunately so I cant be too picky about jobs.
  7. From what I gather Austin is not any better than DFW...worse if anything. I was offered a prn job at a local ER but the pay was about the same as the UC I work at. Benefits like PTO and 401k match (the only 2 I really care about as retired military) tend to suck as well. The cost of living compared to Washington state is much better although benefits there and pay was much better.
  8. If you don't despise the work I would seriously consider looking for a new job in the same field...I suspect you would find a significant salary increase whereas a new field you might be at the bottom still. Good this is you have a year of first assist/surgery experience and can be considered for other surgery positions that also pay well without completely leaving surgery...trauma, general, ortho/spine,etc. Surgeons are surgeons however and more likely to have similar attitudes to the one you mentioned than non surgeon physicians.
  9. My biggest problem isn't so much the discrepancy with the community...its the discrepancy with NPs. They have had 1 year and 9 months to implement locality pay for PAs as passed by law. At my local VA NPs top out 30k a year above PAs at the top end. Its a disgrace. Lets not mention the lawsuit from PAs and NPs over unpaid overtime. And since were talking about new grads...they pay new grads in the realm of 60-70k if were are to believe job postings...WTF cant they do some mentoring. I spent 23 years in the Army and would love to serve my fellow veterans, but I sure as shit ain't gonna give my services away to the government, they got their pound of flesh from me already. Fix the pay scales and maybe myself and a lot of others will give it another go. And as the largest single employer of PAs, it might be about time for them to figure out this mentoring thing.
  10. Are you with private practice, health system or a University System ?
  11. By being corrected as we speak...you mean they should be done in another year or so, right ? Its bothers me how inept the government can be....the VA Choice and quality improvement act was passed more than a year and a half ago in August 2017 and they STILL haven't fixed payscales yet, its shameful. I was accepted for a position and went through credentialing...they offered me gs12 instead of gs13 because I have 4 years 8 months experience instead of 5, even though I easily met all of the chief grade requirements in multiple categories. When I finally got a salary offer it was 93k...with over 4 1/2 years experience...more than 30k...almost 40k less than the UC I am at. And they wonder why we keep hearing news of shitty care at VAs around the country...
  12. One problem that I have seen that I don't think anyone else addressed...you are 6 months out with no license. Pick 1 or 2 states and get licensed. Most companies don't want to wait months for you to get licensed and then credentialed. You are looking in the northeast...NE = lots of PA and NP schools. There are infographics around with number of PAs/NPs/Docs per 10 or 100,000 residents...take a look at them. Once you have license in process, add that to your resume. If you don't get a job by the time your licensed, get a DEA if your state allows it without an SP (Texas does not, I believe WA does for example). Let the company pay for a renewal after you have a job. I cant tell you how many jobs I have seen that want DEA in hand, and how many more want license in hand. If it is not a large hospital system with long credentialing process (read private practice)...they often want you to start ASAP, not in 3 months. And what everyone else said about networking...join the state PA organization where you are getting licensed.
  13. I was getting $68.99 in Tacoma/Olympia with bonus over $30 ppd.
  14. PA Salaries in and around Austin suck in general. Another one I interviewed for that was closer to home was $62 and hour but very difficult to get bonus and bonus was based on whole clinic productivity. I have spoken with a few of the PAs who work here and they average 70-80 an hour after the bonus at the busier clinic, 65-70 at the slower one. Not perfect but until something better comes around, I'm kinda stuck as my wife isn't interested in moving anytime soon. the other benefit is we clock in and out, the UC in WA that I worked at paid per shift for full timers, so if you ended up staying 2 hours late due to high patient volume, you got paid the same as if you leave on time. Here you get paid from clock in to clock out regardless of FT, PT or PRN.
  15. Awesome. The one I’m working at is actually outside of Ft. Hood and the med director is one of the docs I worked with in the Army...interview was basically “so when can you start.” Its $60 an hour base but the bonus structure is based on coding...up to $5 per patient so hourly can be very good when busy. Or, it can be like yesterday...8 patients in 9 hours, and I think All but one met bonus per coding. They do pay overtime but corporate poo poos on them if we get over 40...full time is 36 hours, mostly done in 4 x 9s.
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