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Hi, I'm just really looking for advice on the possibility of applying to PA schools next spring 2019 during my senior year (meaning one gap year)

GPA: 3.5, sGPA: 3.4, BS Biology

Volunteering (100+ hours so far): veteran's hospital ER patient transporter, mentor at children's hospital for special needs student, taught English at an Italian elementary school for a semester

Shadowing (15 hours): so far only rural PAs, (Have shadowing set up for this summer and will continue with the ones I've shadowed for the next 2 semesters so hoping to get around 70ish hours)

Involvement: sorority all 4 years, honors humanities study abroad intersession, study abroad semester Italy, volunteer club, pre-PA club

Leadership: campus coordinator for club, study abroad peer mentor for a year

Awards: in-state tuition scholarship, honors academy scholarship, volunteer award

PCE: phlebotomy certification (40 hour externship) this summer, planning to work during my senior year, 200 hours as a volunteer vital taker at the veteran's hospital (so roughly 400 hours at time of applying)

Taking the GRE this summer

Will be working full time as a phlebotomist after graduation in summer 2019 at the same time as applying

Becoming super discouraged by the need for thousands of patient care hours but looking for schools that have lower requirements and would accept hours logged after applying? Or with my lack of experience should I wait even another year to apply


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