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Need Advice, I'm lost on what to do. cGPA 2.8

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Hello, I need advice on my chances of getting into a P.A program. I have 15 years experience working in the hospital as a Sleep/EEG tech. I work 12-14 hours shifts and carry an on-call pager (24hr call). I cover multiple hospitals as well. I've done CPAP titrations, Bi-level titrations, Pulmonary function test, assisted Neuro Surgeons in setting up invasive EGGs, routine EEGs,  Long-term monitoring, medical coding/charging and have worked as an EKG tech.

I have one problem, my cGPA is 2.8. working full time and going to school has been difficult for me but I managed to do it, I'm, finishing my Biological Sciences (B.A.) this year. What are my chances of getting into a PA program, or any mid-tier provider program if I am not able to get into a PA school? Below are some of my classes that I have taken. Any advice is appreciated Thank you.


Biology I (A)
Biology II (A)
AP I with lab (A)
Ecology biology (C)
Chemistry I (B)
Chemistry II (B)
College Algebra (B)
Organic Chem (in progress)
Cell biology (in progress)

cGPA 2.8
Associate in Liberal Arts   (A.A.) Completed.
Associate in Pre-Nursing (APN) Completed.
Biological Sciences (B.A.) will complete this year.

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Seems like you have great work experience but the GPA is kinda lacking. My school has a 3.0 requirement and that means if you dont have that, they wont even look at the rest of your application. Its perfectly reasonable to have a cut off and not allow those who have not met the requirement to continue. There are schools that do not have this requirement or have lower GPA standards. But either way, you have to bring up your GPA to be competitive. Do a post bacc degree or go for a masters. If you take this route you cannot get less than an A. With a year or two of classes (with all A’s) you may have a chance. Maybe cut back on work and focus more on school if both is too much for you. Its possible but theres a lot of work ahead for you. Good luck


Out of curiosity, how do u get a B.A. in biological science? Was it not a science based program?

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I think you have two realistic options: 

1. Retakes your C's and MAKE SURE you get A's as well as taking another 15-30credits of coursework to get ur GPA above the 3.0 mark! (I'm not sure how much you need but you can calculate it online, it might be a year's worth of 4.0s/A )

2. ONLY apply to PA programs that will look at your last 45-60 credits in of you cGPA. These are rare but theres some scattered around the nation, so of course your options are limited. (Assuming that your last 60 credits are above 3.0)

You have amazing experience and you can bring a lot to a program, I think if you pursue one of the options listed above along with exceptional Letter of recs, Personal statements and volunteer hours you have a solid chance!

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4 hours ago, lccalbert said:

Out of curiosity, how do u get a B.A. in biological science? Was it not a science based program?

If I remember correctly from when I finished my BS over 12 years ago, getting a BA does not mean you don't have science classes, it means you took extra "arts" classes on top of those required for a BS. So, in my case I would have had to take my BS curriculum plus extra to get the BA degree. 

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