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Advice about LOR

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Hey everyone!

I recently started shadowing a PA and haven't really developed a close relationship with him due to time. I was planning on asking him for a LOR. Yet, I just realized that only 1-2 schools that I'm applying to require a letter specifically from a PA. In your opinion, is it worth it to have 3 great LORs, but sacrifice applying to those 1-2 schools? (vs. 2 great LORs/1 okay one). Would it be a good idea to just do all 4? 

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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I was in a similar situation. I shadowed for only a few days a couple months before I submitted, and didn’t feel like I was in a good position to ask for an LOR. I was already set on 4 very solid LORs, so I just didn’t ask for one from a PA.


None of the schools I applied to required PA-specific letters (most wanted one from a healthcare provider but I had one from an MD and one from a clinical preceptor), but I have also heard of some programs that will not give consideration to applications without a PA LOR, even if it’s not specifically stated on their website. 


So ultimately, that’s your call. If I had asked the PA I shadowed for a letter, I’m certain he would’ve said yes and the letter would’ve been fine. But I was extremely confident in my other letters and just decided I didn’t need it. If you really want to apply to those programs, then sure, just submit 4 letters. 

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Your PA will write a very generic letter. If you have to have a PA letter and don’t know a PA well, I suppose you have little choice. CASPA will allow you to have several LORs (4? I can’t remember.) so don’t discard a good letter to make room for the PA’s.

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