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Online University and Online PA programs?

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Are there any online Universities worth the time and effort?

They say they are accredited, can they be taken seriously in

the medical world?


If so what are some?


Also, are there any online PA programs worth trusting?

Are they taken seriously?


I am new to all this. I am 22 with a full time job. I am

very limited on time so an online University and PA school

would be great. I just do not know if they are any good or

not. I am kind of ignorant to all this.


Any help will be greatly appreciated, I just do not want to

make the mistake of spending money on something totally




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What's there to figure out? if it's your dream, make it happen. I went back to school at the age of 24, knowing i wouldn't graduate until 28, and despite my debt, i love my life and it was worth every single second of sacrifice it took to get here. If you want something find the best way - not the easiest way.

Plus getting into an online PA program is incredibly difficult, they demand years and years of intense hand on experience with patients in the medical field, as stated in another thread.

Put work in, reap rewards. If you decide you dont want to work for it - then accept not having your dream job. Things worth having are worth working for.

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Thank you. I sincerely appreciate your answer. Well this was my dream

job. I suppose I will have to figure something else out.


Sarcasm? I can't tell...


You can't call it a dream job, then be discouraged by a single internet post.


FYI...average age in my PA class = 36. Oldest guy is 56, youngest person is 27. You haven't even gotten old enough to be on the radar screen of some PA programs. You have plenty of time to get pointed in the right direction. I started my pre reqs at age 37 with a full time job, three small children, and no college at all. Stop making excuses and just get it done. It won't happen tomorrow but doesn't mean it will never happen.

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No, no sarcasm. I was not trying to confuse anyone.


I am not discouraged by one post, it is the thinking and ideas that

one creates shortly after that are most discouraging.


I work full time to feed my wife and kids. I work six days a week

10 hours a day, sometimes more (I work in restaurant administration).

I can visualize myself taking some online classes and a few in class

ones for any degree without a problem.


However, the problem arises when I think about PA school. I cannot

just leave to go study and leave my wife and two kids. I do

not see how I would go about taking care of them?

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