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Physicians Assistants students or graduates HELP please?

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I am currently working on my bachelors and pre reqs for P.A. Programs in California, however i really need some guidance and i seem to not be getting much help from the P.A. admission reps. I recently noticed that a requirement to apply for the program is to have acquired 2000 thousand paid hands on patient care experience. When I was under the impression volunteering at a hospital would be sufficient only one school in Ca will accept hospital volunteer hours however paid " is preferred" it even gives you a list of examples for experience. Medical assistant is one of them so i looked up where i could become an M.A. and am going through a private institute in order to finish it as quickly as possible. I want to know if this makes sense I'm in desperate need for help and am in a time crunch because I'm 2 months pregnant.If anyone practicing PA or is currently a student could shed some advice IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED thank you =)

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