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Am I on the right track?

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Hello All!


I started working on my pre-reqs for nursing thinking that I wanted to be a nurse until I got introduced to the PA profession. I was wondering if anyone on here had the same change of heart?

The classes I took were




Psych 100&200

Interpersonal Communications 210

English 101

I currently have 1800 patient care hours as a home health aide and currently 5,000 hours in the emergency department as a patient access rep. But according to some schools they will accept some of those hours for my patient care experience due to the fact its not the preferred hands on care they are looking for.  I also can't relocate due to having two toddlers and a lot of family support in the area I am currently living in. As of right now I am hoping to transfer into becoming an emergency room tech and work for a year or two while taking the pre-reqs for PA school. I'm hoping by the time I'm finished with the pre-reqs I would have enough hands on care experience needed to apply for PA School.  Any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

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You are on the right track. It really depends on each school what they consider to be direct patient care experience. I would definitely look individually at the schools you're going to be applying to. Being an emergency tech is always a great way to get experience and I think it would probably be acceptable anywhere you apply. I would also do some volunteering /community service. That stands out as well on your application. Best of luck!


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Patient assess rep sounds like the patient assess specialists positions I have seen in the ED.  I do not think schools will consider that as HCE as they tend to look for direct patient care.  From what I understand it is more talking based and seeing if people are covered by insurance?  Some programs do not even consider scribing HCE and some categorize HCE based on the position you hold.  Switching to ER tech might get you the hours if that position involves doing something with the patient in some way shape or form.  Taking those classes will help though.  

I will PM you an HCE job that will get you the hours needed and you will learn a lot.  

- Ket

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