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  1. Therapy, medication and spending time with good friends. Take if from the guy who got a 3.8 in didactic, lost his engagement and home during the same time. Met someone else, and now a lot happier with all the things above. Gets better despite the copious crap tossed on us. Try to keep a head up.
  2. You can't graduate without hands on experience. The almighty Arc-PA reserves the right to access your actual patient contact hours and if you don't have any...then...enough said. Also, the Arc-PA issued a statement days ago about how they expect things to be handled until 4/1, but it will go on longer than that...I have 3 rotations left and now have to hurry up and wait...considering picking up my per diem.
  3. Quit job and enjoy the free time you will never have in PA school. Sincerely, PA student
  4. If you took the test and the score is on CASPA, they can see it and it is low then it might. I'm not a administrator, but id imagine it being like walking into an interview with a tattoo on your face. It shouldn't make a difference, but they see the tattoo. What the hell do I know, just making a terrible analogy.
  5. I've had friends (high school/college friends) dig at me for being chinese (mixed raced). They are friends and I can allow the mud because I know they are messing around. Got to do a tiger cruise on a submarine (brother is quartermaster on a sub), there is a lot of that there too. The guy in this video though, is playing a different game altogether. Also can see him trying to hide smile at certain points in the video. Such a d-bag, haha.
  6. Wow, that was really bad and doesn't sound like locker room talk. Definitely shouldn't be around patients. Also, got a huge Sheldon Cooper vibe, except this guy is a racist. Yes to both questions in the heading.
  7. Maybe at places that require no PCE, but not at places that do.
  8. I'll start off by saying I'm mestizo and chinese. Yes. Prereqs matter. To be honest, probably depends on the school's mission. Separate note...I got an overall of 3.8 in didactic year of PA school, but by all means did not show that I would be able to get that with my previous cGPA(3.37) and sGPA (3.1ish) in undergrad. A little over half my class is white and the white students I studied with...when we talked to about previous grades...had higher undergraduate GPAs than I did, like 3.7+, take that how you will. Sorry can't help you there. Not a PA, just in clinical phase, but people focus too much on race. You are going to run into stupid people everywhere and that is few and far between. We all have our own examples...I had a patient when I was working in dialysis that only wanted black CCHTs to work on him when he first started. One day there were none and I was closest thing to not white so he had me, he wasn't happy at first but ended up liking the way I did things better. After that, he let everyone work with him after he got over his...whatever he had going on. In this PC environment you are likely not going to get anything from a colleague, it is a sure way to get fired if one were a racist...and I find the people just don't give a crap about race. None of the minority PAs that I talked to mentioned having issues finding work. Same thing as any other PA...pass PANCE and interview well. Nope. To be honest, id just try to shadow anyone, don't limit yourself in any way. Things looking good, Id go to a pre-PA session where they talk about this stuff.
  9. I completed didactic. Every semester got worse and worse as far as work, but my grades got better and better. Started off without a group to study with and once got group grades got better. Group made objectives to cover, didnt move on unless all members understood things. Made clinical scenarios to test each other etc anatomy is brute memorization . Can use cadavers and skeleton to understand movement etc Helps if everyone in class is non competitive. What r u doing now?
  10. I use to scribe. If you want to scribe then you are going to be limited in what you see by being in only optho and seeing only that population, which is a problem with any specialty. Id stick with something more general and what would do more "hands on" stuff...personally I'd pick the MA job.
  11. Just based on my class, only anecdotal here. If married in long distance (several states away) has worked. Not married and several states away hasn't worked. Some people married that are 4-5 hour drive may go home IF there is a long weekend and have made it work. Seen a long distance engagement end. Will depend. Some people aren't cut out to be long distance and need constant attention, will have to find out if you and who ever you are with are emotionally capable.
  12. Pathophysiology in PA school goes into this stuff in detail. Clinical medicine courses will go into this stuff here and there. You will be overwhelmed and will learn things that are boring AF. This depends on your own discipline. If can't handle boring crap at an undergraduate level I would proceed with caution. However, you won't know until you take chemistry/biology/biochemistry...etc. I found motivation to learn boring stuff by thinking how much I don't want to be working where I was and that makes me keep going.
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