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  1. Just based on my class, only anecdotal here. If married in long distance (several states away) has worked. Not married and several states away hasn't worked. Some people married that are 4-5 hour drive may go home IF there is a long weekend and have made it work. Seen a long distance engagement end. Will depend. Some people aren't cut out to be long distance and need constant attention, will have to find out if you and who ever you are with are emotionally capable.
  2. Pathophysiology in PA school goes into this stuff in detail. Clinical medicine courses will go into this stuff here and there. You will be overwhelmed and will learn things that are boring AF. This depends on your own discipline. If can't handle boring crap at an undergraduate level I would proceed with caution. However, you won't know until you take chemistry/biology/biochemistry...etc. I found motivation to learn boring stuff by thinking how much I don't want to be working where I was and that makes me keep going.
  3. Consider MWF work week with TTH school days. I worked typically worked 14's on MWF with occasional 16-18 hr and got my money that way. School on TTH, but got to study ahead because no time on MWF. Weekends good time to get ahead as well. I made myself stay below 12 credits at a time for regular semester and max of 8 credits for summer courses. Similarly had a lower GPA that needed some work. Now moving into clinical phase in PA school. They did not care I took CC courses.
  4. The way I understand it is that many of these schools have 300 as a screening standard. So when they get the applications the computer then sees ones with a GRE of 300 and above and keeps those and those that are below may automatically be rejected. This is just what I have heard back when I was applying a couple cycles ago. I suggest either retaking it or applying to schools that do not require it. Good verbal though, may just need to focus on the quantitative reasoning portion for the next one?
  5. From my experience in PA schools what really matters is a simulated patient with an actor, a real human being. So far sim dolls have been more for practicing skills for a code or something like when we went through ACLS. Your physical exam skills class is probably more important than how many sim dolls there are.
  6. No, I was pretty clear with what I said, you just missed the meaning and the inflections. You are working which means you are not sitting at home playing video games (playing video games was just an example of what nothing is). Writing the truth was just just saying put what you have done down on the HCE section. Jesus, the level of butt-hurt from some people is astounding.
  7. Sitting at home and playing video games is doing nothing. Working is working, keep your head up, just write the truth.
  8. My advice is live a little before committing to school. Take some time and get some work experience before you even apply. Hell, you can't even legally buy a beer yet, so you have plenty of time. Also, do some adult stuff like living on your own (not in a dorm or mom and dad's house), pay some bills etc, do an 18 hour shift and feel the pain and torture of the grind (I say this kind of jokingly but not really at the same time). They are also looking for people that have "lived" in addition to PCE and GPA. Going into PA school would have sucked without basic "doing stuff yourself skills" on the daily, because no one is going to lend you a hand in the long run.
  9. I thought I made this clear, but ill say it a different way. So, if I had 2000 hours of scribe work and 100 was with a PA and 1900 was with a MD or others. I entered it as 1900 for HCE and 100 in Shadow (Was able to work with PA if MD was sick and didn't come to work etc). Again, made it clear in the application that it was work and didn't get questions. On separate note, I also did have a little around 4000 hours as a CCHT, which was what probably got me into school, scribe work is considered low level experience. Now a year into PA school, was never asked about my scribe job/shadow. Take that how you want.
  10. Based on what you said it just seems that you need try harder. Get a study group and focus. Your program seems pretty lenient to even let you continue with a 2.7 and not have you remediate your failed exams now to raise your GPA to above a 3.0. If you were to not continue likely leaving with a 2.7 will make it harder for you to get in anywhere else I would suspect.
  11. My HCE experience had all my hours varying on my jobs (scribe and CCHT entered separately). I'll make up a number of a total of 3500 hours of scribe hours for that one HCE experience. I then took the amount of time I worked as a scribe with the MD's/DO/NP and subtracted from 3500 that to get the estimated the amount of time with the PA and added that to the shadowed experience. I made that clear in my application that the amount of time shadowing was part of my work, but I did enter them separately. Was never asked about it.
  12. I estimated how much I worked with the PA vs the MD/DO vs the NP and then entered in the numbers. As far as what UGoLong says, any scribe worth their position can finish the note before you leave the room, plenty of time to get to know the PA outside the exam room (just as much time as you would shadowing, but more because you will likely form a better relationship as will be working beyond normal showing hours) and the scribes job is to pay attention to what the provider is doing to be able to chart. So...defiantly going to say no to that one.
  13. I did this, but only if I actually scribed for the PA. Also, should be able to any scribe hours with a PA, not just ED.
  14. It's just prereqs...take a breather. It is not like you are in PA school or part of a specialist level psychology program. Also if you are getting burnt out before school and losing the drive, likely not going to make it in school. Just being real with you. Consider it a blessing to know your feelings now rather than later, where the financial debt is far more significant.
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