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Quitting after signing a contract

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Currently, I have a contract signed in California where I would begin after graduation. I do not currently have a start date yet, but I have to break this contract due to family issues keeping me closer to home. So now I will be taking a job in North Carolina. 

Before I let the Cali job know I cannot make it, is there anything I need to worry about? Any legal repercussions? 


Thanks a lot for any advice, because I'm pretty terrified to let the California job down seeing as I was very excited about this position before. 

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When are you supposed to start? Honestly, I think it's best to just be upfront and honest with them as soon as possible. Let them know that due to unforeseen family complications you will not be able to move there and regretfully can not take the job. I'm sure they're not going to spend any time/money doing anything about it. I doubt they can even do anything, does it say what happens if you cancel without 30 day notice? You should pay back an signing/relocation bonus if you got any. If they spent any money on credentialing they may ask for it, but I doubt it.

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