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  1. Is anyone applying for the 2019 cycle? Any interviews? I applied back in July and I am still hoping for interview invite.
  2. I let them know yesterday and they were very understanding about it. I wasn't supposed to start for a couple of months anyway so they weren't too upset. Thanks for the help.
  3. I signed an actual contract, but I don't have a start date yet. It says either party can terminate the contract with a 30 days notice. I'm just worried since I haven't even started if there are any issues with this.
  4. Currently, I have a contract signed in California where I would begin after graduation. I do not currently have a start date yet, but I have to break this contract due to family issues keeping me closer to home. So now I will be taking a job in North Carolina. Before I let the Cali job know I cannot make it, is there anything I need to worry about? Any legal repercussions? Thanks a lot for any advice, because I'm pretty terrified to let the California job down seeing as I was very excited about this position before.
  5. I think it would be difficult to impossible to genuinely convince an admissions committee why you want to be a PA with zero HCE
  6. Whoops, ya sorry I did not do the math on that one. I agree, 12k is too much.
  7. 3.3k would come out to barely 3% raise. Inflation is typically around 3%, so it really wouldn't be much of a raise. I think $65 an hour would be a nice goal to ask for.
  8. I don't think 57 an hour is worth it if you have to pick up your own malpractice and tail coverage. You'd have to run the numbers, but I don't see why they wouldn't give malpractice with the per diem shifts.
  9. That does sound tempting, but I think the downside is the possibility of leaving before reaching the pension. If you decide to leave after 10 years you just sacrificed around 40k a year in salary which is money you could have been investing, etc. I think you would only come out slightly ahead financially if you stayed for 20 years which, to me, is a huge commitment. If the pension was 90k It would be great, but 55k while making a salary in like the 10th percentile is probably not worth it for me. Nevertheless, tough call.
  10. Something tells me she must be a very slow typer if she is charting at midnight after seeing 21 patients. I know its going to be a hectic schedule, but where else can a new grad learn a lot and gross over 120k first year out of school?
  11. Thanks, Rev. I know overtime is in the contract and I have an hour each day for "admin time" to get charting done. Is that pretty standard?
  12. Hmm thats pretty rough. They have a relatively high NHS score (17), so there is a good chance at getting the 50k, but I will definitely have to make sure I enjoy it enough to last 2 years. The 6 or 7 providers I spoke with during the interview had been there for >5 years so I thought that was a good sign.
  13. Thank you all for your input. I agree, its going to be tough. I need the loan repayment money and I think it'll be a great chance to learn a lot. I will probably give it a shot and stick out the 2 years for 50k towards my loans.
  14. Fortunately, it is a healthcare network with a lot of primary care docs in office. My SP will work with me for my training period and they will slowly work me up to a full schedule.
  15. Hi all, Rural primary position seeing 24 patients a day. Cost of living is very low. 112k base 10k signing bonus 5k relocation allowance 18 days PTO 5 days CME w/ 2k Schedule: M-F 9 - 6 NO call occurrence policy for malpractice all fees for licensure covered 9% profit sharing plan 403B 1% matching Anything I should take into consideration or look out for?
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