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Hi guys,


I am applying to a number of schools and all with different prereq requirements and time limits. A few of these would require me to retake one course for one school and another course for another school (due to time expiration).


About to submit app. On my application I plan to place several classes as in progress, each would fulfill requirements for different schools. If I get an offer from any of those schools I will definitely take the required course online as soon as I hear from them, but I would not take those not required even though I listed them as planned. Has anyone done this? Feedback?



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So I'm not sure if I will be exactly answering your question- but you can list all the classes in the world that you want to as "planned" however, it won't be verified with your other classes unless you have already enrolled in said classes and it reflects in your transcript. Therefore, it doesn't look as great to the schools you're applying to because they know you are not enrolled to take the courses yet. Does that make sense? But yeah I got accepted to a program already and am not taking the other courses I had "planned" for some other schools because there is no point. Hope that helps!

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