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HEY GUYS! I need some help.

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First let me say how thankful I am to have found this resource. Everyone on here is so helpful and comforting.

OK so here are my questions,

I am applying to South College PA School in a few days. I had to wait to finish Cal 1 before applying this Fall semester at the end of Dec. I was really uncomfortable and uneasy about asking the doctors and PA's I job shadowed for a letter. They have done so much I did not want to burden them so I kept putting it off and all I needed was those letters. I know its really dumb and I should not have done that but I am the kind of person who hates more than anything for someone to do something for me.

So I am applying late in the game. I am very unease and feel like I have ruined my chances. So here are my stats and you guys are more than welcome to tell me what you think. Honesty is welcomed, I promise you wont hurt my feelings.


Chemistry major, Anthropology minor, attended a University


avg 16 hrs a semster

GRE- 805 (this is my weakness)

Job Shadowing- 56 hrs

Volunteering- 20 hrs


I have had no breaks regarding school so unfortunately no jobs in Health Care.



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I'd say apply b/c you really never know. Your GRE score IS low, so if you don't get in this year, i'd recommend retaking that. Your complete lack of HCE will hurt you too. You're going to have to find some sort of "break" during school to make room for some experience. At this point there really isn't anything that would show someone THIS is what you want to do, and THIS is the career path that is right for you. I like the saying, "you never know unless you try;" even if you don't get in this year, you will know what it's like to go through the application process, and you'll know what you need to change to make yourself stand out to become a better applicant last year. good luck!

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