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  1. Hello!

       I wanted to let you know that I got into two PA programs in California! I really appreciated your critique of my statement and your help in making it stronger! Thank you for everything!!!!

  2. paproof

    Red Flag Topic?

    If your struggle had a significant effect on your decision to pursue a career as a PA, then by all means include it. But if you are simply mentioning your history in an attempt to gain some sympathy, I would recommend against it. Be sure to relate ANYTHING you include in your personal statement to your pursuit of becoming a physician assistant.
  3. paproof

    School Ranking - How important in employment?

    I would say very few (if any) employers nationally keep tabs on PA program rankings. School rankings have more to do with their ability to prepare you for the PANCE. If you pass your boards you're good to go.
  4. paproof

    Low GPA, High HCE

    I was in a similar situation (actually worse) as you when I applied to school. Never made it about the 3.0 threshold. I interviewed at 2 programs (and was accepted to both), both stating that one of the main reasons why they interviewed me was because of my personal statement. I had just over 5000 HCE hours when I applied. Trust me, it can be done and there are so many applicants out there with worse stats than yours. As others mentioned above, your personal statement is one of your best chances to convince these programs that they should interview you, so be sure yours is dynamite. Just don't give up!
  5. paproof

    For those with a low GPA, read this.

    There are so many people who get accepted with worse stats. So much rides on just getting your foot in the door and interviewing to convince the faculty members that you are serious about becoming a PA. I had a sub 3.0 GPA when I applied and now I've been a PA for a few years now (Chief PA I might add). Grades don't determine your success as a future PA. Don't let that discourage you. Just focus on getting an interview and then rocking it!
  6. paproof

    Last minute interview tips

    Just like everyone else has said: just be yourself. It's totally normal to be nervous. Remember: you wouldn't be there if they didn't want you there. Getting an interview in the first place is a huge accomplishment and proves that you are a great applicant, now you just need to show them how great you are! Best of luck!
  7. paproof

    Where to start?

    myPAresource has a free personal statement workshop you can check out too
  8. paproof

    "personal" statement on a "public" forum

    ajames is right. While nearly anyone with internet access can view your personal statement, it'd be difficult to take one's essay and copy it word for word. However, the feedback you get from those on the forum should be taken as a grain of salt. Many people are starting out just like you are, so they may not be qualified to give any constructive feedback. If you want quality feedback on your essay that will help you stand out from other applicants, you should really consult with professionals.
  9. paproof

    Personal Statement HELP! Please!!!

    You spend A LOT of time talking about your experience with Lorraine, but OneDayPA-C is right, you don't go into a lot of detail about why you've chosen to become a PA. The purpose of this essay is to explain to the reader those reasons why you've set your sights on this profession specifically!
  10. paproof

    Need PS review - Thank you

    People may be more willing to help you if you provide your feedback on their essays...
  11. paproof

    My little PS. Any edits are welcome.

    I don't think it's a wise idea to spend so much time on your struggles, at least in your CASPA personal statement. Generally schools give you an opportunity to provide "additional information" in supplemental applications, which would be more appropriate. Keep in mind that your essay is a first impression, so we want to do the best we can to make the reader interested in meeting you in person. Talking about failing classes in this first impression may not be the best choice...
  12. Ultimately I think this is a pretty good essay. There are a few areas I'd consider cleaning up. I like the progression about your journey to find which career suited you best. I think it'd be helpful to talk about where you first learned about the PA profession and what made you so interested in the first place rather than just jumping right into comparing MD vs PA. It might help smooth the flow somewhat. But you've got the right idea overall!
  13. Awesome job! We are so excited for you!!!
  14. Even if you aren't the one plagiarizing, if someone ELSE plagiarizes your essay because they saw something on this site, you could still be blamed. People are crazy...
  15. I'm sure you mean 25, not 35...

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