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Physician Assistant Shadowing

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and would like to start preparing for application to a physician assistant programs. I would like to know how and who to approach to get the opportunity to shadow PA?

P.S I live in Chicago.



I am in Florida but I can tell you it's going to be challenging to find a PA to shadow, don't give up if becoming a PA is your goal. I would suggest calling your local hospitals and asking if they allow shadowing of any of their PAs. You could also google for any local private practices and call them one by one and ask if they have a PA. If they do, then ask to speak to them or leave a polite message with the MA telling them that you are a student who is really interested in the PA profession and would like to shadow the PA to learn more. You may not receive a call back from a few that same day, they are very busy so doing one more follow up call would be the max I would suggest before moving on to another clinic. If you still have no luck finding a PA, dress up professionally and try to hit a few clinics every day, sometimes you being physically present at the office will make them feel more compelled to meet you. Bring your CV/resume with you and look sharp and most importantly be respectful. If they do not allow shadowing, ask if they know a PA who does. Goodluck!  

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