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  1. Thank you for your reply. I will definitely mention this on my second interview.
  2. Hello everyone, Recently did my first interview for a private practice Internal Medicine clinic. Seems to be a busy practice with 2-3 physicians and a couple PA’s. They are requesting my a salary range. As a new grad I don’t want to aim to low or high and hurt my chances of getting the job. I have been searching for a job for about 6 months since graduation. The practice is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. During the interview the manager also asked me if I had malpractice which I thought the practice would usually cover so I’m wondering if they would want me to purchase coverage on my own. If any of you would be willing to giving me some advice on what the salary range should be I would appreciate all your help! Thank you!
  3. I'm hoping the shift would not require all 11 hrs as some of that time is included as "administration time" in the contract and the office closes at 5pm everyday.
  4. I am not sure if the docs work those hours, but according to the contract the 11 hrs per shift "include administration" which I am assuming would be the charting, lab reviews, call backs etc. The office closes at 5 pm so I would only hope it wouldn't take longer than an hour to get all that done at the end of the day.
  5. Thankfully I have no kids but I would be in a new city all alone. I've been applying to jobs here in South Florida for several months now and not even an interview as most want experience.
  6. Hello everyone, I am a new grad PA-C and this is my first interview and offer. This position would require I move to central Florida from South Florida. I am willing to relocate as finding a job here has proven VERY difficult especially during the pandemic and of course in Dermatology. Here are the details on the offer. There is no mention of malpractice insurance, bonuses or relocation assistance. Please if you notice something that should be inquired about feel free to leave a comment so that I may ask since all of this is new to me. I appreciate your help! Full time dermatology PA: will be trained one on one with board certified dermatologist and staff Schedule: 7:45am- 6:30pm, M-F, may include weekend, holiday and after hours although infrequent Starting salary: $80,000 Salary after 3 months: $100,000 Salary after 12 months:$130,000 Salary after 18 months:$140,000 Benefits after 90 days: PTO 15days/year includes sick days, CME days etc. Paid holidays(new Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas day. Health dental vision life and disability insurance valued up to $9000 per year employee contribution approximately 20% of health insurance premium CME reimbursement: $2000 per year. Benefits after one year of employment: 401(k) plan matching employer contribution of 4% earnings Non-compete agreement of three years from the date of expiration of employment within 25 mile radius of employer( Im not to worried about due to the fact that if I were to relocated it would be back to South Florida.
  7. Hello I'm a new grad and wondering if there is usually a salary or hourly pay difference if you speak multiple languages. Is this usually taken into consideration when determining your pay and if so how much of a pay increase should you expect especially working for a busy ER where there is a large population of patients who don't speak English? Any thoughts or past experiences would be helpful!
  8. I received an interview last year but declined due to acceptance into another program. I earned a C in organic chemistry as well and the program still extended an interview offer. I submitted my application around June last year and received an invite in November. Don't get stress out just yet there's still time. Goodluck!
  9. Starting this for new applicants. Just FYI the program DID gain accreditation, I've emailed one of the admins to place this topic under the accredited programs but no reply yet. Anyways goodluck!
  10. Gave my spot up for an interview as I have been accepted elsewhere. I hope someone gets that interview invite email !
  11. Hey guys has anyone received any type of communication from the school as far as background checks, financial aid or clearing of seat deposit check?
  12. Thank you so much for posting this update! It makes me feel a little better. During my interview, Dr. Tooley did say they were very confident about obtaining accreditation.
  13. Wow, 5 weeks is a pretty long time considering the fact that those of us who would be moving to Tennessee would have to finalize living arrangements, physically moving there and all that entails before the start of classes on January 8th. I'm hoping we have some type of confirmation from the school before then....
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