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If you want to prepare for didactic year

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I perused threads here on the forum enough prior to starting the program last year to know that the consensus is "don't worry about studying now, go enjoy the free time you have left" and yes, you'll probably be fine if you choose to do so. But there were a few areas that were particularly stressful for me and many of my classmates, and you could make your life a bit easier by getting a base of knowledge now before you're inundated with additional material to learn at the same time. Immunology: the roles of the various cells, how inflammation and the complement system work  (a classmate recommends How the Immune System Works by Sompayrac as a good primer). Anatomy: innervation (they really loved questions about the hand in particular this year). And EKGs: get Dubin's Rapid Interpretation of EKGs, read it, understand it, and practice looking at rhythm strips if you have the opportunity. 

Good luck!

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