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  1. Hello everyone, I am starting Arcadia Glenside this summer, I remember being in your spot how stressful it is during the waiting game. But it will fly by! Shoot me any questions you have!
  2. welch allyn medical diagnostic kit (otoscope, ophthalmoscope, bulb for otoscope etc) reflex hammer
  3. Is this the official fb group created by the second year? I never got an invite :/ but will join now!
  4. Does anyone have an ebook/pdf for language of medicine?
  5. Thank you for the tip! Are you at the Delaware or Glenside campus?
  6. Not gonna go to my interview anymore hopefully it opens a spot for someone else. it's the Dec 13th date
  7. I've got an email regarding orientation and username info to their canvas. (I think sometime last week). I'm sure you guys will get something soon also!
  8. For Glenside? I should've specified! If there isn't one, I'll start one!
  9. I think they meant previous cycle so for your case no you haven't applied
  10. Does anyone wanna carpool to see the lower antelope canyons and/or horseshoe bend? I'm serious! :p
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