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hi guys, real quick im just curious, how do i become a medical scribe? ive looked into it a bit and it seems you go through an agency and pay them to "train" you or just pass a course or something?


right now i think i fit the reqs im a good student, math and science are pretty easy for me, ive done anat and phys etc i dont have any medical experience..


but also im getting close to the end of my time as an undergrad and i want to start with the medical scribe stuff asap but i also take a lot of courses and doubt i can work full time, right now i work for the school 20 hours a week and thats easy enough, but this summer i really wanna get into the medical field(i usually serve but i want the med experience)


so anyway, i know my grammar sucks etc im just curious if anyone knows the quickest and best ways i should go about this.

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 I wish you luck. From what I gather, you do go through an agency.


BTW, saying that your "grammar sucks" and having tons of typos isn't exactly the best advertisement for your potential scribing skills. It starts with some attention to detail when you keyboard.


Good luck!

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Look up ScribeAmerica, ProScribe, PhysAssist, etc and see if they're hiring in your area. 


The pre-requisites to being a scribe is pretty minimal and straight forward. When I applied, the pre-requisites were;

  • Have an interest in the medical field (aka you're planning on pursuing graduate/professional school)
  • Being able to type 50 wpm
  • A 3.0 gpa? I believe some agencies required this, some didn't.

The agency should train you (paid btw). They will provide an in class crash course which lasts a few weeks, you then shadow a senior scribe, and then they place you in a clinic/hospital. 

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