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Passed the PANRE after failing twice

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I thought I would share my experience with anyone interested on how I passed the PANRE after failing


My experience: I’m very happy to say that I recently passed the PANRE. This was my second time taking the exam. This time around, I tried to ace the exam rather than just trying to pass and put in the hard work. I started with the basics (physiology/patho). I also went back and reviewed my performance and started with my weak subjects. I then took practice tests and tried to score at least a 78+% before I moved on to the next subject.


Another key to my success was getting a tutor/online lecture resource to help.


Repetition is so important and re-listening to an online course was really helpful. Having a tutor also gave me the confidence/self esteem that I badly needed to pass. There are a lot of tutor resources out there, but I used and recommend Precipio Learning (www.precipiolearning.com).


A final piece of advice, do not skip a section just because you are weak in it. That was a mistake I made the first time around and my tutor advised me against. You need to be well-rounded in all of the sections to pass.


Congratulations to all who recently passed, and those who didn’t, remember that the harder you fight to succeed, the sweeter the reward of success!

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