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Malpractice Insurance - Claims Made Policy (Shared Limits?)

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Hi there,


I was offered an internal medicine position (outpatient) in which the malpractice insurance is covered by the doctor.  However, he would like me to be under his policy, where I would share the $1 / $3 mil. limits with him.


When I called a few malpractice insurance companies for further details, they said that I do not need tail coverage if I am sharing limits with the supervising physician.  However, if I were to get my own claims-made policy without sharing limits with the doctor, then I WOULD have to get tail coverage. 



Has anyone had experience with that?


Can someone please explain to me why a tail coverage is not needed when you are sharing limits with the doctor? Does that mean I am still protected if I leave the Practice A and a claim was filed after I have moved onto Practice B?


Is it better to have my own claims made policy or to share the limits with him so that I do not have to get tail coverage? 



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