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GRE Prep Courses.

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Personally, I feel like GRE classes are a waste of money (unless your acceptance hinges on the score, which PA school doesn't), so take this with a grain of salt:


I was told that I could have taken the GRE out of high school, and that I probably would do better than I would now (as a senior in college). Why? Because the GRE tests up through high school algebra with some reading/comprehension.


Not heeding this advice, I bought a GRE book and 500 cards for the verbal. Two days; yes, two. days. Before my test, I opened the book and realized it was no help what so ever. It was basic high school algebra and some rules for the test. So, I took out my GRE cards and began memorizing words for the verbal. I memorized ~100 words by the day before the test. The rest of the cards were glanced at on the trip up to the test (over about 2hours).


In summary, I "studied" about two days before the test with maybe 100 words memorized, and I scored a 1280 on the GRE (old scores, out of 1600). It really was quite easy.


So, my advice: talk to someone who knows about the test so they can tell you the "rules" of the test (how it's graded, strategies, etc.). If you haven't taken a math class in a long time, go to your local Barnes n Noble and look at the math section in a GRE book over a cup of coffee. If it doesn't come back to you, buy the book. As for the verbal, get a deck of vocab cards. Everything else is probably going to succeed or not depending on if you learned it by now.


That's just my thoughts. Different people succeed in different ways, and under different circumstances.

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i just borrowed a friends GRE study book and went over it in my free time. the most helpful thing from the book was getting the timing down for each section and they had certain strategies to use during the test. Overall i thought the test was pretty easy and not something to fret about.

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