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Re: CTS-

Yes. The issue is finding the practice which will hire a new grad. In my experience these are commonly groups which are busier, with a larger contingent of PAs which can absorb the inefficiency and producitivity loss that comes with training a PA.


There are exceptions to this but in general it is true. The two areas of CTS PA practice which require the most autonomy/competence are vein harvesting and ICU care. First assisting is an important skill but a good surgeon can operate with a newbie first assist and get a case done easily. It won't be smooth but it's doable. When you enter a new practice as a new grad you will need to have the manpower to back you up in these situations if you can't produce quality vein, or have an unstable unit patient that you can;t figure out. This is a bad/dangerous situation to be in as a new grad with lesser support.


Residency is always a great idea and you should look into it if your personal/financial situations allows it.

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