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When to Apply?

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Hey guys,


Although this is my first post on the forum I am an avid reader. First off, I am in my junior year of undergraduate school and plan to start applying to PA schools in the summer/fall season.


My question is this:

Is it better to apply to schools early (with less HCE) and gain an extra edge on applicants applying later in the cycle?


My GPA is solid and I have roughly ~600 hours of HCE via EMT. Although, if I were to work all through summer and apply more towards the fall, my HCE would be closer to 1000 hours. 


Do you guys think that I am better off applying earlier with less HCE or waiting until the end of summer when I have a more substantial amount of hours.



PS I am referring to those schools who conduct rolling admissions





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ASAP. You can state in your application under the PCE section for your EMT service that you'll continue to work as an EMT and state the projected hours. Apply early doesn't just increase your chance of admission but it also saves alot of money. If you get interviewed and accepted in August to a top choice, you can then decline other interviews if you wish. 

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