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Where to begin for a new job

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I'm currently working as a PA hospitalist - it is my first job since graduating in 2013. Hours are 7 on/7 off 12 hours days. I have learned a ton and thoroughly enjoy being a physician assistant, however this is not my dream job. I want to work in Sport Medicine / Orthopedics, my absolute dream would to be affiliated with a professional team - Division 1 college/university, MLB or NFL team. I feel like this is a long shot.


I'm looking to you all for some advice - where to begin with this job search? I've been searching on indeed.com, doccafe, healthecareers.com. Should I use a recruiter? Should I apply directly to a health care system - or all of the above.


I am currently licensed in both PA and TX - anticipating to find my dream Ortho job in Texas.


Thanks for reading and any advice you may offer.

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