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  1. Hello, We have your typical "frequent flyer." Patient is dialysis dependent. He/She comes to the hospital, gets admitted, every 2-3 weeks in need of dialysis and signs out AMA prior to setting up outpatient dialysis arrangements. This cycle has occurred consistently for at least the last year. The patient refuses to stay in the hospital once they receive dialysis, start to "feel better" and also because they have "family issues" that need to be taken care of on the weekend, out of state. The hospital has tried countless times to arrange for OP dialysis, but currently no one in the state wi
  2. Hello, I'm currently working as a PA hospitalist - it is my first job since graduating in 2013. Hours are 7 on/7 off 12 hours days. I have learned a ton and thoroughly enjoy being a physician assistant, however this is not my dream job. I want to work in Sport Medicine / Orthopedics, my absolute dream would to be affiliated with a professional team - Division 1 college/university, MLB or NFL team. I feel like this is a long shot. I'm looking to you all for some advice - where to begin with this job search? I've been searching on indeed.com, doccafe, healthecareers.com. Should I use a r
  3. Hello: To start with some background - I graduated PA school in August 2013, passed my boards in September 2013. I have been employed by one employer since 2014 and I am currently seeking a Texas state license. I started my TMB PA license requirements July 1st - my goal is to have everything completed by the last TMB meeting of the 2015 year (November). I thought I had everything completed, eveything was sent / done by the end of August -- never assume. I recently (Oct 2nd) received a letter in the mail stating that I am missing Form L (Professional Evaluation). Now I did already to go
  4. Thanks for all the great responses. In regards to the application process -- First is to fill out the online application, and wait to receive a scheduling permit for the JP exam, is this correct? Also, the Texas Medical Board provides a documentation check list -- does anyone know if all of these items will need to be submitted? -- ie. Dean's certificate, supervising physician form .. just making sure I have everything necessary so the process will not be delayed. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I am currently a PA-C working as a hospitalist in Pennsylvania. While I love my job, the people I work with, I'm just not happy in the area I live in. With my job, there is also not much room for growth. I am still fairly new, offically practicing for 1 year. I am actively looking to relocate, likely within the next year. I would like to say that at least I have been committed for 2 years to one employer. I'm looking for a state that is PA friendly, salaries are competitive, and there are plently of opportunites / activies in the area. I'm currently looking at Texas, Oregon but open
  6. Hello, I'm currently practicing as a PA hospitalist in Pennsylvania. I still consider myself fairly new, offically working as a PA-C for 1 year. I enjoy my job, but can't stand NEPA, as I have lived here my entire life. I am actively looking to relocate within the next year. I've been looking at Texas as an option, trying to gather some necessary research. I would assume my best option would be to apply for a state license first, then job hunt, to make the transition easier. I see most jobs require a license anyway. Would you agree/disagree? Also, I saw a requirement for the state lice
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