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For PAs in surgical or internal med. subspecialties

How often are you on call?  

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  1. 1. How often are you on call?

    • I am never on call
    • Less than once a month
    • 1-2 times per month
    • 3-4 times per month
    • More than 4 times per month

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I am wanting to see how often you guys are on call. I am never on call, but when I start looking for a new job, I want to see how often most PAs are on call. Also, is your call the kind that requires your presence or just answering phone calls? And are you compensated separately for being on call? Also, please mention your specialty. Thanks.

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I didn't answer the poll because our group (hospitalist, internal medicine) has on-call shifts from 4P - midnight which are optional. I personally do 1-3 per week because I like it (and the extra money), but other PAs in my group never do it. When I am on call, there is always a doctor on call. They deal with icu admits and call, I usually deal with the rest. They will help out if it is really busy. We usually have 6-10 admits per shift plus floor calls. Pay is flat fee $425 plus bonus per admit. Usually works out to about $500/shift.

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