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Shenandoah Class of 2014!!

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I do not see any other thread started about this cycle's acceptances, so I am starting one. Sorry if I missed a different one.

I am pleased to say that I accepted an offer from Shenandoah to start next July for the Class of 2014. Anyone else? I would like to start a dialogue with future classmates.


For those of you waiting or have yet to interview, I wish you the best of luck!


As I anticipate others will ask questions, let me try and answer a few ahead of sending me Private Messages and posts. If you still have questions I am willing to try, but understand I know little.


1) I interviewed with the large group November 11; I heard the week afterward by email; my invite came in September, I applied mid July.


2) My background is unusual, so my best advice is not to base your chances on me. If you have the qualifications and want to go to Shenandoah and REALLY want to be a PA (not just can't decide on another career path or because the profession is attractive right now) than I encourage you to go for it.


3) For those who met me (Gary) you know I am making a career change. I have been in the corporate world for 20 years, but also have volunteered as a paramedic for that same time, so my patient care experience is greater than most of those with whom I interviewed. It is notable that Shenandoah values patient care experience, but unlike other schools still gives very serious consideration to those who have no experience.


4) I have two prerequisites outstanding that I am working on now, and I completed most prerequisites recently at Northern Virginia Community College, as my undergraduate work at GW was 20 years ago. I have a professional graduate degree. My overall GPA is closer to 4.0 than 3.0, and my science GPA is very high.


The interview process: the staff and the current students were most welcoming. I will not reveal any questions asked. Just know, most of the questions did not feel like big surprises to those of us who have thought a lot about this journey.


I didn't feel like there were any attempts to trip up an applicant. The interview in the morning was two interviewers and one applicant. In the afternoon two other interviewers asked the same question of six applicants in an open group setting. Each applicant had a chance to answer first and last in a round-robin format. There was no writing sample that day.


As my wife reminded me constantly throughout this process, if you haven't been rejected yet, you are still in the game. Just yesterday I was invited to interview at another school that I had heard nothing from in months (I declined the interview immediately so hopefully a spot opens for someone else at a particular school in Philly).


I chose Shenandoah for the same reason as most, the quality of the school and the mindset of the program. It also meant a lot that it is close to my family.


Again, if you also accepted an offer but don't want to post, please send me a private message, I'd love to connect with my classmates before July.


Good luck to all.

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My names Amanda. I was in group C for the group interviews. I've been freaking out because I read how people who got in received an email the Monday following their interview! But it makes me feel a little better that you haven't heard back yet either.. Maybe we will hear back tomorrow?

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