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  1. Realistically, your GPA is killing you. Most schools require a 3.0 GPA minimum. And that won't even make you competitive.
  2. This thread is definitely helpful in getting me ready for school in two weeks!
  3. Got my denial letter today, well i guess that closes the dilemma of where I am going. JMU here I come. Good luck to everyone at EVMS this Jan!
  4. No, that's his post bac GPA, which is awesome, but his overall is 2.86
  5. the only problem in your app is your overall GPA, but if the program you applied to looks at the last 60-80 hours then you should be GOLDEN!
  6. Just got called by Sharon today and was accepted!!! Better late than never!
  7. How could I forget? Also loved Captain America's instructions to the Hulk. "and Hulk......SMASH!"
  8. YES! Love the hulk/avengers reference! kudos points on that one.
  9. The eternal two weeks. That's what it's going to feel like!
  10. Not trying to start a religious debate, but God has everything to do with everything.
  11. I consistently applied to 7-8 schools the first two times applying. This third time I applied to 11 schools.
  12. GOOD LUCK to everyone today that is interviewing! Relax and you'll do great! I hope everyone loves the school just as much as I did and I hope to see you all in January!
  13. Interviewed today at 12:30. Let me just say, it was nothing like I expected. I was blown away by the program. EVMS has quickly jumped to my #1 choice.
  14. Got mine today too. Submitted to CASPA 06/05/2012, mailed 06/23/2012
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