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Hi all,

I am just reaching out to see if any of you can relate to my situation and/or can provide some insight. I will provide my stats, as well as some relevant background information about myself. My stats are as follows:

1.       Academics:

a.       Prerequisites/Sciences = 3.36; or 3.6 (w/o first grade included in retakes)

                                                               i.      General Biology I = B

                                                             ii.      General Biology II = A

                                                            iii.      General Chemistry I = A

                                                           iv.      General Chemistry II = D/B

                                                             v.      Physics I = B

                                                           vi.      Physics II = A

                                                          vii.      Anatomy & Physiology I = B+

                                                        viii.      Anatomy & Physiology II = C+/A

                                                           ix.      Advanced Physiology = B+

                                                             x.      Microbiology = Pending

                                                           xi.      Organic Chemistry = Pending

                                                          xii.       Psychology = C/A

b.      Community College: CGPA = 3.65

c.       University: CGPA = 3.29

2.       Healthcare Experience:

a.       Intern CVICU = 126 hrs

b.      EMT = 500 hrs.

c.       Medical Mission = 60 hrs

3.       Volunteering/Shadowing:

a.       Physical Therapy Shadowing = >200 hrs.

b.      PA shadowing = 80hrs.

c.       Cardiothoracic Surgeon = 4 hrs.

4.       Teaching Experience:

a.       Teacher’s Assistant Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II


More or less this information should provide a more complete picture of my current predicament. Obviously, I was not the perfect poster-child pre-pa student, though I can only hope I am still of consideration. In the beginning of my undergraduate career I did face a few obstacles that put a damper on my GPA. If one were to calculate my GPA without my first semester my cumulative GPA would increase by ~0.10, which is substantial. I feel that I am a pretty well rounded individual with minor flaws in my undergraduate career. I believe I have optimized myself in terms of academics, so now I plan to focus on my HCE/relative experiences.


The questions I propose for my viewers would be the following:

·         In the information that I have provided do you think I am competitive for PA schools?

·         What would you recommend I do to increase my chances of acceptance?

·         How is the cumulative GPA computed? Do my CC and University GPAs average? If so that is a huge plus! :D


I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this. Thank you in advance! 

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As far as GPA, ALL courses are considered - so the classes you retook, both grades will be used in factoring your GPA.  Which means the D and C's will be part of your GPA, you can't pretend they didn't happen.  It also means that ALL courses that are considered undergrad, whether it be CC or Uni, are counted in your GPA.


There might be CASPA GPA models out there but that's ultimately what matters: how CASPA is calculating your GPA.


Your stats should be good enough, keep racking up those HCE EMT hours to be competitive.  Look around the forum, there's a whole thread on the stats of students accepted and to which programs where you can compare your numbers and experiences.

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