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Does PT Aide count toward HCE?

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I'm going to Touro in Bay Shore, NY and I was told that my experience as a Physical Therapy Aide would not count toward my HCE when applying into the PA program. Yet I've heard people who merely transported patients around hospitals and nursing homes have had that count toward their HCE, so I'm not sure how this makes much sense. I'm going to try and ask someone else at the school so I can find out for sure...


But the thing is that I really don't have 6 months or however long it takes to become an EMT to get my HCE. All I have is my experience as a PT Aide and I'm currently a Pharmacy Technician, which I know does not count.


And I know this sounds petty, but I really don't want to be a CNA and having to deal with cleaning bed pans. I know I will encounter worse things as a PA, but feces is the one thing I can't deal with. I know it sounds ridiculous, but at least I'm being honest.


If anyone has any other ideas for HCE, please feel free to share. I'd really appreciate it.

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Every school is different. I was a PT aide and it counted at the schools I applied to... plus it was great experience, IMO. I would prepare a job description and ask an admissions counselor which parts of it don't qualify as healthcare experience. Best case scenario, the person you talked to misunderstood you and it does count! Worst case, you get an explanation of what they're looking for.


But like I said, plenty of schools love 'em a PT aide.

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