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spanish prereq for usc

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This is straight from their website, " It is expected that all science prerequisites be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.75, with no individual science prerequisite grade less than a 2.0 ©. All prerequisites must be completed for a letter grade with at least a grade of C (2.0) earned. "


So, YES. You have to take the pre-requisites as a letter grade. Goodluck!

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I also have a question about this topic. I am fluent in Spanish, and tested well above SPAN 101 & 102 at my university. I was told to take Spanish for bi-lingual students, which at my school is SPAN 221/ 222.


The USC website states:

Beginning Spanish Language, 2 semesters or 3 quarters; 1 academic year (9 months) sequence; (must be college level credit earned either through coursework or by placement exam; AP coursework is acceptable); there are no language substitutions or waivers.



Has anyone else encountered this issue? Do my courses meet this requirement, since there are no language substitutions?

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I think you're okay if you are fluent in Spanish. I believe they have you take an exam or something if you are a fluent Spanish speaker. You might want to e-mail or call admissions just to be sure.


Thank you. I emailed the program as you suggested. No exam though.


The program replied: "Thank you for your interest in the USC PA Program. Yes, the coursework you took for Spanish will count. We will waive the 1 year Spanish requirement."


I hope this helps anyone else applying to USC.

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