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EMedHome Premier ECG Workshop: useful???

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Sorry, no info on the site you listed.  I'd highly recommend the sites below.  Keep your hundreds of $$ for godsake, these sites are free; contribute if you can. Do a little search on "FOAM" ;-)


http://lifeinthefastlane.com/      my favorite, high quality resource

http://en.ecgpedia.org/             only glanced over this, but appears to be awesome; great axis lesson

http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com   basic course is free


www.ecgacademy.com           basic course is free, and excellent

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Curious if anyone has taken EMedHome's Dr Amal Mattu Premier ECG Workshop?



If so, what did you think of it?


Thanks in advance!


My group recently required all physicians and PA's/NP's to take this course, so we didn't have to pay for it.  I'm currently going through it, and I can't imagine a better EKG course out there.  Now, I'm a huge fan of Amal Mattu anyway, so maybe I'm a little biased, but it's extremely thorough and easy to understand, but I'm taking away so many new bits of information that I either have forgotten or didn't know about in the first place.  


The course assumes you have some basic proficiency in EKGs, which if you work in the ER shouldn't be a problem.  The links you posted above, afarmboy, are good, but they're to help establish basic EKG skills which are good for someone starting off in the ER.  This course takes everything to the next level, and will teach you about every subtle sign of ischemia, infarction and dysrhythmia that you shouldn't miss, but does not go beyond that into non-emergent cardiology stuff that isn't pertinent to the ER patient that's in front of you.


So, if cost isn't too much of an issue for you, I think it's more than worth it.  I would recommend you take notes and find some way to keep them with you- I turn my notes into PDF files that I keep on my phone for easy access.

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