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  1. This reminds me of my multi-colored dry erase notes on the bathroom mirrors. Apparently, according to photos of me during school, that's all I used the mirrors for.
  2. Follow Patrick Swayze's Road House rule #3, "be nice." Willingness to admit to mistakes or lack of knowledge has been correlated to decreased lawsuits also; these personality and practice traits that foster trust also make you "nice" and less likely to be sued. "...the dominant theme in these studies' findings was a breakdown in the patient-physician relationship, most often manifested as unsatisfactory patient-physician communication... and as is well documented in the literature, patients are not likely to sue physicians with whom they have developed a trusting and mutually respectful re
  3. Do you mind sharing what state or area you're in?
  4. Bite the bullet and hire an attorney as Reality Check 2 stated. Make sure this is an attorney that has experience with employment contracts, healthcare contracts, and ideally PA employment contracts. Are you a member of your state's PA association? They should have a recommendation for legal counsel for you. No wonder they wanted a 3 year contract. If an employer that you're unfamiliar with is legit and not worried about turnover, they should be willing to let you sign a 1 year contract, at least for the first go-round. Best of luck, and keep us posted.
  5. Sorry, no info on the site you listed. I'd highly recommend the sites below. Keep your hundreds of $$ for godsake, these sites are free; contribute if you can. Do a little search on "FOAM" ;-) http://lifeinthefastlane.com/ my favorite, high quality resource http://en.ecgpedia.org/ only glanced over this, but appears to be awesome; great axis lesson http://www.practicalclinicalskills.com basic course is free http://ekg.academy www.ecgacademy.com basic course is free, and excellent
  6. Here's a link to the file with resolutions passed. https://www.aapa.org/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=2147485235 hope this works. I must have missed the model legislation "unveiling". I'd like to see it.
  7. Looking forward to snake bites Sunday AM more than vaginitis Sat AM. =0
  8. 1) Best answered by your school's FA dept. 2) Don't count on being able to work at all in PA or CRNA school. Maybe a shift here and there, but unlikely. 3) 1-5 years depending on what classes you need,how many schools you apply to, and how many app. cycles it takes you to get in. It sounds like you have a lot of homework to do. The three professions you listed are all vastly different. For CRNA you'd most likely have to start w/ a BSN depending on your chosen program. Research programs you're interested in and checkthe prerequisites. Get good grades in those classes. The programs yo
  9. Faculty is havin' fun pickin' through all the apps right now. The biggest piece of advice I might give echos bgdog's advice above: Relax, AND remember that life goes on. I think the older we get get, the easier it is to realize this. It's no excuse to not try your damndest, rather it's acceptance that your plan B or C (got em, right?) may need to start. Don't fret over your postcard not arriving "yesterday". You got delivery confirmation, right? Things are busy right now with upper/lower class finals and prep for new quarter. Best interview advice I can give is to simply
  10. I just left work there to start PA school at Stanford. It's one of the better paying ambo gigs in the state. A couple of our medics even commute from southern Oregon (Medford and Klammath Falls), one of them is one of the old EMT-II to paramedic converts. It's about as chill of a job as you could ask for. Beautiful scenery, rippin' TCs and water rescues, low call volume, and a post in Mendo at the new firehouse (Think mid-afternoon jogs on the bluffs after your nap). It was tough :;-D:.
  11. Thanks, very cool.:=D: (Sorry, I hadn't seen your post when I asked another question... )
  12. Thanks, very cool.:=D: (Sorry, I hadn't seen your post when I asked another question... )
  13. Thanks, very cool.:=D: (Sorry, I hadn't seen your post when I asked another question... )
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