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Hey! I realize this thread is for accepted students, but I have some questions only y'all can answer... Trying to make some interview scheduling decisions.


1) How long after your interview did you receive an admissions decision?

2) How long after the offer did you have to accept or decline your seat?

3) How much was the deposit to hold your seat?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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1. I interviewed Wednesday and heard back the following Monday although I'm sure it varies from person to person. I think most people hear back the week after their interview.


2. I had two weeks to accept or decline and send them my deposit.


3. The deposit is $1125 (more details are on their website).

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Thanks, y'all. I was trying to decide whether to take an early interview offered because someone cancelled. Was trying to hedge my bets, then stopped and said to heck with it. I couldn't pull everything together with work and childcare and etc. at short notice, plus I wasn't at all prepared, so I had to pass it up. I was super sad because Duke is my #1 choice but if a thing isn't possible it just isn't possible. Still interviewing in January though! So there is that.

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