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  1. Did my ED rotation at Duke-- if I remember correctly they said last year they had 60 applicants for 2 spots and that they are advertising much more so they anticipating ~120 this year.
  2. How did you think med tech school (especially the last/clinical year) compares to PA school? Way harder? Way more info? Did you continue working in the lab throughout PA school? If not, do you think you could have managed it?
  3. I got into Duke with a 303.. As long as everything else is solid you're fine.
  4. Has anyone from the other interview dates heard anything yet?(other than those accepted the following day)
  5. I got an in invite for Feb but will likely decline.
  6. I considered bringing mine also, but decided against it. My boyfriend came with me to Durham but spent the day exploring the city while I was at the interview. I think I would have felt awkward having him there because no one else had their S/O with them. For me, it was for the best that he didn't come because it encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and interact with all of the other applicants rather than just talk to him throughout the morning. In the email they do encourage it though so there is obviously no problem with it on their end.
  7. 1. I interviewed Wednesday and heard back the following Monday although I'm sure it varies from person to person. I think most people hear back the week after their interview. 2. I had two weeks to accept or decline and send them my deposit. 3. The deposit is $1125 (more details are on their website).
  8. I got the good news today and I interviewed last Wednesday. Good luck to all!!!
  9. I received an interview invite today for November 18th. FYI: submitted my CASPA on July 10th and the supplemental around the same time, received my under review email on Sept 9th. Good luck everyone :)
  10. Got an interview invite today. Does anyone know how many interview invites they offer?
  11. ...But in looking at the posts from last year, it seems that people didn't get interview invitations until 9/16 so I don't think there is anything to worry about yet. I'm sure when someone hears from them they will be sure to keep us posted! Update: looks like I was wrong, people actually interview on September 15th last year.
  12. I have gotten a few emails asking about my GRE scores, but aside from those, nothing.
  13. Tuition for out of state students is $29,146 per year. Fees are $1195. It's on their website under expenses and financial aid.
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