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Nepal Clinical Rotation - Unique Opportunity

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There will be one slot available for a PA student doing clinical rotations, to take their rotation as part of a medical trek through remote areas of mountainous Nepal. The expected dates are leaving the US on Oct 21st and returning November 12th. This will be shorter than a typical 6 week rotation (roughly 4 weeks) so your program would have to approve a split rotation unless you are part of a program that has 4 week rotations.


I personally would be acting as your preceptor, however, at least one licensed American MD plus two medical (MD program) will be part of our team.


This will be an experience of a life time as we will be traveling to places were we are the only source of medical care.


The in country cost would be $2500, which covers all support staff, housing, food and transportation. RT airfare from the US to Kathmandu is between 1300 and 1800 USD.


For more details go here.


If accepted, I would work with you in getting your PA program approval.


If any questions send me a PM.


Mike Jones, PA-C

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Guest dadiki

This rotation sounds really great. I am a PA student from Nepal and would love to do a rotation there. But unfortunately, our rotation is a 5 weeks rotation and is very difficult to change. Is it only for students or can a PA volunteer?


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Dear Mike,

I am very interested in travel medicine during my clinical rotation year. I noticed your message is a few years old but perhaps you could direct me to a contact that I may pursue for this year or any medical mission trips that are available? Thank you much!


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