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Comparing PA and NP education models/curricula, & request for recommendations

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I have seen many comments describing PA education as more medical-model based, whereas NP education is viewed as mostly "nursing theory" and administrative type preparations. In general, from what I have seen, PA education is viewed as "better" than

NP education - deemed that by both PAs AND nurses.


I've heard "nursing diagnosis" described as lacking/insufficient.


In your opinion, if any,

what would you recommend that an aspiring NP (FNP) student study in order to improve their education and better prepare them for successful professional practice?


Any particular books, or extra courses, or other?





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A+P and Bug-Drug(pharmacology) are the very basis of almost all of medicine most newer NP's I have seen are pretty much clueless- why not use levaquin for a UTI and Cipro for skin sore throat.....


learn the 'hard science' then get to know the patients - the details matter in medicine



after a few years I see little difference in NP/PA and more difference in rather the provider stays current -

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