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Attrition rate?

Guest naix

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Somehow this escaped my attention until now, but I realized that SMU potentially has a shockingly high attrition rate...? 


It says on their website that they have 36 seats available, but their NCCPA 5-year reports shows that in 2011, there were only 30 first-time takers. 


And last year, there were only 26 first-time takers! Does anyone know what happened that year? How did 10 students get lost?? 

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I saw that too but I'm confused as how they "played with stats" (I'm not sure what you meant by that, but isn't manipulating statistics frowned upon...) Their first and second year cohorts may have OK but this last year is very concerning re: 10 students lost. That seems very cut and dry to me.


Their class size changes as well... if you see their 2013 data, their class size was 40, but elsewhere they say they have 34 seats. 


Just concerning and confusing. Kind of wish the program was more transparent about how many people were in each class.

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